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It’s not easy being with a long distance relationship but I thought it still would work. I thought that love can wait and be patient enough for the right time. Because of love I almost lost myself, but because of it too, I stand myself again. In life there are always ups and downs that we take. There is always a time that we struggle hard but in some way we can always find a solution to it. Love is having someone that is always there for you at any moment. Someone to make you happy all the time. Someone that is there for you to help you succeed in life. Having a person that is always there for you in times of trouble is everything. Someone to uplift you when life brings you down. I am so happy that I finally see a person who seems my worth and love. I finally find a person who never gives up on me. a person that cares for me all the time. A person that never stops wanting me at all. I feel so good every time we are together; I wish that every time in my life. Having someone who makes you smile all the time is for keeps. I know the feeling of being betrayed and fooled. My childhood friend before that turns to be my girlfriend goes abroad, promise me that when she came back we will tie the knot. But years later she stops communicating to me and think what the hell is wrong on her. I heard that she already married her co-worker. It was really devastating to hear that news; how come she did that to me when all I did is love her. I feel so sad to myself and pity me. I was here waiting for her and proud of having her with me but she never told me about her plans. Her reasons were she is afraid to hurt me but the truth already hurts me a lot. I travel to Charlton to escape for a whole the problem. And then I found this Charlton escort from who help me in my problems. She comforted me throughout the days I booked her. I love being her company, every day I leaned new things. She strengthens me into becoming a strong person. Slowly I realized that there’s nothing to be sad, it’s time to move on and start a new beginning. This woman is here for me all the time. This woman deserves a guy who would love her entirely and I see myself to it. I courted her and show my love to her. She is the woman of my dreams that I will always treasure no matter what