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The law of attraction

What do most men look for in a woman? Tina from Mayfair escorts says that not all men look for beauty. The expression, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is still extremely relevant she says. Most of the girls here at Mayfair escorts, says that men always appreciate a sensual personality more than anything else. I have met so many men, says Tina, and a lot of them say that women have lost their sensuality these days. Personally I am beginning to wonder if there is something to it. A lot of my dates do seem to miss female companionship.

What a lot of women forget these days, is that female companionship is about more than sex. Looking around, you will soon notice that the female population seems to have changed. Skirts and dresses have in many occasions been replaced by trousers and trousers suits. Many of which are not exactly flattering towards the female shape. We walk around dressed very similar to men these days, and many ladies even where blouses that look more like shirts. Perhaps we should stop and think how we appear to men. To we look feminine, or do we look masculine? Perhaps we need a restyle, says Tina from Mayfair escorts.

The fact is that even if you have made it to the top of the boardroom ladder, do you need to copy your fellow male directors? A lot of women do feel that they need to look sexually neutral to succeed but is this really true. Have we been too quick to ditch the hand bags and the high heel shoes. What about bring back in some sensuality into the way you dress. The fact is that many women believe that they are not going to succeed unless they try to dress a bit more like men.

You don’t need to dress like a sex bomb, says Tina from Mayfair escorts, but brightening up your outfit would certainly go along way. Women seem to think that black, navy blue and brown, are the only colors suited for an office, but the fact is that are some lovely outfits out there that allow you to make the most of your femininity. I dare say that a lot of women like to change, but are too concerned about towing the line so to speak, suggest Tina from Mayfair escorts. They are too concerned about upsetting their female colleagues.

Your outfit can easily be brighten up by a nice belt or even a nice scarf, and why not dare to be different, and where a brightly coloured blouse? Once you start adding some color into your everyday life, you will probably found that you will feel different about yourself. I always says to dress for yourself before you dress for others, says Tina. It will make you feel better about yourself and you will find that you probably will have more confidence as well. You don’t need to be a power dresser, says Tina, you need to be a savvy dresser with a touch of the femininity added.